Tuesday, 20 August 2019

SCWS 2019

Here it is, MeMe getting a bath before the show.

On the first specialty, Enzo ( Beckham x Zoey) took Best in Specialty show.

On the second day, Rio was patiently waiting his turn

Rio got examined by the judge.

Rio took WD. Frank almost dropped his phone.
Rio loved the dog bed he won.
Rio took WD (winner dog) for his second major win.

Moka took Select bitch, and best owner-handled.

Moka and MeMe together took Best brace

MeMe being examined.

MeMe took Best Breed By Exhibitor.
That was a showcase for all the rosettes.

And the pails.

After the show, MeMe tried a fun FAST CAT run.

And Rio tried a round of weigh pull.

Thursday, 8 August 2019

SAC 2019

The Samoyed Association of Canada 2019 National is held at Spruce Meadows, Calgary in conjunction with Alberta Kennel Club show.

We started the week with some photo sessions.

The sammy cart were useful in moving setup and equipments.

Mercedes got her shares to be the poster child this year.

Moka took a break from agility and joined the photo session.

We met our friends Beth, Kayleigh and Jacquire.
They were great help showing our dogs at the national.
We had a good time catching up. 

Mercedes got a warm up run at the all breed show in baby puppy class. 
This was her first official show. 

MeMe took Best Opposite Sex at the National.
Here she was in the photo with her rosette and trophies.

She was very pleased with herself.

Hermione took Best Veteran.

She certainly didn't look her age.

There was a special class at the national - "3-generations"
This was basically a showcase of our breeding program.

Hermione competed in it with her daughter Moka and granddaughter MeMe, and won.

We were honored to win under Judge Michael Yates from Australia.

The youngest of the clan, Mercedes, took Best Baby Puppy.

Mercedes is the 4th generation from Hermione. 

Mercedes also helped Kayleigh compete in Junior handling.

Last but not least, Moka finished the weekend with a "Q" in Master Standard.
As in Murphy's law, the one we videoed was not the one she "Q".

We were so exhausted, so Moka and Morgan helped pulling the wagon back from agility.
They were so proud of themselves that they were able to help.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Hermione is 10

Hermione was 10.
She was my first homebred champion,
my first ATChC dog.

She had grounded beef mixed with broccoli and yam for supper, followed by Peanut butter banana cake.
She shared that with her daughter, granddaughters, and great granddaughter.

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Best Mother's day ever

Moka and MeMe went to Barbary Coast Samoyed Specialty in Yuba City for the Mother's day weekend.

They won 1st in Brace.
Moka also took Select Bitch in the second show.

MeMe finished the weekend with BOW/WB for a 4 points major win.

In Canada, Frank took Tika to Tyee Kennel Club show.
This amazing baby at 6 months of age at her first show, took WB/BOW/BOB, finished with a Working Group 3rd and a BPIG.

She has great movement, with a good reach and drive.
She is very sweet and loves to give kisses.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Agility seminar 2018

This was MeMe's first time at an agility seminar. 
She was at the novice level. 
When she didn't know what to do, she got creative.
Of course, the laughter at the background didn't help.
She thought she was doing a good job entertaining.

She learned a few new skills.
There were more skills that we needed to practice.

Morgan was in the Master class.
It was a lot of skills for her to learn.
She did well on the first day.
She was a bean on the second day.
Her brain must be fried with all the learning.
More practise during the Christmas break.

Sunday, 18 November 2018

Tailblazer trial Nov, 2018

Morgan was going more focus on her job.

Morgan got a "Q" in starter jumper which gave her SGDC
- Starter Game Dog of Canada.
That was the actual result. 
She did it in good time.

Morgan SGDC

Roxy, Morgan's mom got a "Q" in Starter Standard and now her ADC
- Agility Dog of Canada - title.
Both mother and daughter got a title in the same day.

On the second day, Roxy started with a "Q" in Advanced Gambler.
She will be in Master Gambler at the next trial.

Morgan got her first "Q " in starter standard.

Morgan finished the weekend with another "Q " in Advanced jumper. 
That was the first jumper after her moved up.
Sorry no video.
I wasn't prepared.
I didn't think she was ready in the advanced level but she showed me her potential.

Saturday, 3 November 2018

MeMe's agility fun meet

MeMe did well in her first agility match. 
It was a fun match.
She was too young for a real trial.
I got lost and messed up her first standard run.
However, she got the gamble. 
She was second placed.

And she did a beautiful jumpers run.
She got 2 out of her 3 runs.
I am so proud of her.
I can't wait till she is old enough to go to a real trial next year.
Back to weave poles training.