Sunday 15 November 2015

Tailblazer Fall 2015

This was Moka's second "Q" in Started Jumper which earned her a starter jumper title. She did the whole run in a little over half the course time.

Roxy had a nice jumper run on Saturday. 
Another nice run in Starter Jumper

With her second "Q" in starter Snooker.
That earned her a SGDC - Starter Game Dog of Canada title.
Roxy has finally grown up. 
I used to call her my Ferrari with no brake. She has now not only installed a brake, but with a steering wheel as well.

She has a nice one for her first "Q" in the advanced level in Gambler.
This meant she had to take a sequence of obstacles some distances away from me. The higher the level the further the distance will be and more twisted the line of runs. She needed to be able to do it on verbal command only.

Moka has a nice one in started gambler today. This is her first "Q". She is getting the confident to do the obstacles without me by her side. 
This picture is from Snooker. 
She has a nice attempt at her first Advanced Jumper. She ran her heart out at full speed. In higher level the course has more turns and we need to work on the control of her speed to make nicer turns.

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