Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The most reliable GPS system

We had a good snow fall yesterday.
Despite a bit of overcast, it was a good day to go snowshowing. 

Since I planned to do some exploring and break some trails, I brought Hermione along with Scarlet. 

Hermione ran like a puppy in the snow.

Since the fresh snow covered the old track, there were times that we had to break our trails. At one point I was moving on as Hermione turned right, I ignored her and kept going. She stared at me, marked at the spot and followed me. Then I realized I was getting into steep terrain, I pulled up the GPS and tried to find my way. Sure enough it led me to where Hermione has marked. I followed her and she brought me back on the main trail.

I put my GPS in my pocket and let Hermione led us back to the parking. 
I brought the GPS along just in case we got lost.
I guess what I have to say now is, I brought Hermione along just in case I couldn't work the GPS. 
Maybe I don't even need the GPS as long as she is with me.

Footprints from my girls.

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