Thursday, 25 February 2016

Rebecca McKay Seminar 2/2016

Moka and Roxy was entered in the Novice class. 
These were Moka's run.

Moka had her moment. There were times that she was so sure that she knew what she was doing. She pushed Rebecca away to take the jump of her choice.
She was finally convinced.

I can't blame her. Hermione finished her championship at 14 months and all she was doing after that was agility.
Moka finished her championship at 1 year old. She was competing in rally novice at the same time, before she was old enough to compete in agility. And she competed for her AKC championship and grand championshipt.
Moby retired when she was 18 months so she picked up the slack and worked also as a therapy dog.
She also competes in lure coursing, classic obedience.
She is multi-talented.

Roxy is coming along nicely. She is more matured and more co-operative.
She has learned to follow my cues and works with me as a team.

Hermione did well. She learned some new skills, so did I. 
We will make a better team in the upcoming trialing season.

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