Thursday 19 April 2018

Ch MeMe

MeMe is now a Canadian Champion.
This was her first day of show in Chilliwack. 

Look at how she performed on this first show and compared to the last one and I was so proud of how fast she had learned and improved.
She took Winner Bitch, Best of Winners and Best puppy in Breed.
MeMe in Puppy Group.

MeMe was so easy going and patience. 
She was waiting for show time, resting on the grooming table.

This was the second show.
MeMe took Winner bitch again. 

The third show was the Western Canada Samoyed specialty.
I was showing Moka.

Our friend Teresa had kindly showed Hermione for us and won Best Veteran.
Frank showed MeMe as she won another Winner Bitch.

This was the fourth show. MeMe again took winner bitch and became a Champion.

This was the fifth show and also MeMe's first show as "Special". 
She must have known that she was competing against the adults and she stand still for examination, even fixed her own stack when the judge was examining her.

This was the sixth and the last show for the week.

MeMe showed like a "Pro". 
She stacked herself, stand still for the judge, never stopped wagging her tail.
She moved well. 
She had improved so much from the first, in only a few days. 

MeMe did 6 shows in 5 days. She showed her heart out.
She won every show.
Most of all, she never stopped wagging her tail.
She is a little trooper, a true working samoyed.

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