Sunday 18 November 2018

Tailblazer trial Nov, 2018

Morgan was going more focus on her job.

Morgan got a "Q" in starter jumper which gave her SGDC
- Starter Game Dog of Canada.
That was the actual result. 
She did it in good time.

Morgan SGDC

Roxy, Morgan's mom got a "Q" in Starter Standard and now her ADC
- Agility Dog of Canada - title.
Both mother and daughter got a title in the same day.

On the second day, Roxy started with a "Q" in Advanced Gambler.
She will be in Master Gambler at the next trial.

Morgan got her first "Q " in starter standard.

Morgan finished the weekend with another "Q " in Advanced jumper. 
That was the first jumper after her moved up.
Sorry no video.
I wasn't prepared.
I didn't think she was ready in the advanced level but she showed me her potential.

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