Tuesday, 8 December 2015


 Roxy got her official certificate for her SGDC title 
Starters Games Dog of Canada.

Happy 13th birthday to Moby!

Moby is 13 years old.
Bright eyes and big smile, he looks just liked the first day I picked him up from the airport, except he is 3 times bigger.
Happy birthday to Moby!
Mama's boy.
My first show dog.
My forever teddy bear.
Enjoy your peanut butter banana pup cake.
Yes, peanut butter is his favourite.
 I joke that the freckles on his face are from him eating peanut butter and didn't wipe his face afterwards.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

What a pleasant surprise!

 That is so true!
Moka left the ring during the exercise on the first day and we got DQ. 
Frank was teasing us that " after all, there is something that Moka can't do."
I was so discouraged that I was almost decided to sleep in and not going to the second obedience trial the next day.

Moka proves Frank wrong.
We got a qualification on our second trial.

I was pleased with her performance. 
I was pleased that we qualified.
I did not expect a High in Class.
I thought I heard it wrong when our number was called out.
Surprise! Surprise! 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Tailblazer Fall 2015

This was Moka's second "Q" in Started Jumper which earned her a starter jumper title. She did the whole run in a little over half the course time.

Roxy had a nice jumper run on Saturday. 
Another nice run in Starter Jumper

With her second "Q" in starter Snooker.
That earned her a SGDC - Starter Game Dog of Canada title.
Roxy has finally grown up. 
I used to call her my Ferrari with no brake. She has now not only installed a brake, but with a steering wheel as well.

She has a nice one for her first "Q" in the advanced level in Gambler.
This meant she had to take a sequence of obstacles some distances away from me. The higher the level the further the distance will be and more twisted the line of runs. She needed to be able to do it on verbal command only.

Moka has a nice one in started gambler today. This is her first "Q". She is getting the confident to do the obstacles without me by her side. 
This picture is from Snooker. 
She has a nice attempt at her first Advanced Jumper. She ran her heart out at full speed. In higher level the course has more turns and we need to work on the control of her speed to make nicer turns.

Remembrance Day Parade

This was Moka's first appearance in the Parade. She went with grandma Moli.
We were in the holding area waiting for the parade to start. 

Moli posted in front of the first aid van.
We didn't get any pictures during the ceremony. Both girls were very well behaved and stayed quiet during the ceremony.

Our St John Ambulance co-ordinator has a samoyed too.
His famous saying " therapy dog doesn't have to be white"
But we don't want to cuddle a fluffy white sammy.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cruickshank Canyon Lookout hike

Loki has come to visit. Hermione took her 2 kids out for a pack hike. They packed our water and we did the hike. 
It was a nice sunny start.

We first stopped by Helen McKenzie Lake for a swim and a break.

I tried to have all 3 looking at the camera with a smile.

It hadn't been quite successful.

Now where were the other 2?

That was kinda 3 in the pictures, all faces no butts.

The Fall colour is so beautiful.

We made it to the Canyon so was the cloud. 
Everyone was back on leash. The human were not prepared to jump after the dogs...haha!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Moka the therapy dog Part 2

It has finally arrived.
Moka's therapy dog certificate after she has been working since Dec.2014.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Roadster Summer 2015

We have 3 dogs competing this time. Hermione ran in Master and she started the weekend with a "Q" in Master Jumper.

Hermione got a "Q" in Master Standard the next day.


Both the young one, Roxy and Moka got "Q" in Starter Snooker.


On the last day, Hermione had a beautiful run in Master Snooker. That is her 4th "Q" and earned her the Master Snooker title.

Here is the run.

Roxy got her second "Q" in Starter Gambler and will be moving onto Advanced level.

Here is her run.

Moka had a "Q" in Starter Jumper. 

The weekend finished with Hermione's surely but a bit too slowly Master Jumper. Everyone was exhausted.

We were all very happy with the result from this weekend. We were going home for a rest.
See you next time.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Mount Seymour

Moka visited brother Beckham in Vancouver last weekend. Beckham took her up Mount Seymour for a hike. She was initially not impressed with carrying the backpack with my water. Once she had seen the beautiful scenery, she had forgotten all about it.

They took a swim in the lake when it got too hot.
They took a little nap after lunch before heading back.
It was a total 8 km hike with 450 m elevation, which took us less than 4 hours including breaks.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Enumclaw 2015

Moka is a very good girl. 
She is a good representative for the breed.
She has beauty and she has brain.
She is more than a pretty face.

Moka took select bitch at Mount Rainier Working Dog Club Show in the morning.
She spend lunch hour in Rally Obedience trial, got her third leg, i.e. her Rally Obedience Novice title.

After Rally Obedience trial, she ran back to the ring and took Best in Working Sweepstakes at the Samoyed Club of Washington state show, winning $20, a toy and a jar of cookies. 
She is earning money and bringing food home.

She went onto the regular Samoyed Club of Washington State specialty and got another select bitch, in pouring rain.
She is a true working dog. Weather cannot defeat her.

Beckham thought he can't be outshone by his sister, so he took first in his class in the Samoyed Club of Washington State Specialty, won a nice wooden dog leash holder. Donated by Cindy and Curtis Hill. Thank you.

Mama Hermione went to agility trial on Saturday, came first in her class, got her third leg and her agility novice title.