Saturday, 10 December 2016

Another day of adventure

After hearing about the adventure from Moka and Morgan, Scarlet wanted to go to the mountain.

Scarlet ran around for a while.

We promised off leash.

We worked on their sit/stay.
We practiced on calling for help when Maria was down.

Scarlet instructed Morgan on the correct technique of cardiac massage.

Morgan was very proud that she woke mom up.

More fun in the snow

Mom: The Abominable Snowman lives around here, let's see if we can find him.

 Moka: I see him!

Morgan: Really? I don't see anything!

Morgan: Ok, is that him?

Morgan: Quick, he is running away!

Moka: Oh no, lost him again!

Morgan: Look, he is over there!

Morgan: Look, we found the Abominable Snowman!
Morgan: But he is missing a nose!

Moka : And we founf his house too!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Happy 14th birthday to Moby!

Moby is 14 today. Where did time go?

I am in the photo for a good reason.
Puppy Morgan needs more training with her sit/stay.

She checked out the party hat.

Finally she settled down for a picture. The rest of the family are well-behaved.....

even with the birthday cake in front of them.