Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cruickshank Canyon Lookout hike

Loki has come to visit. Hermione took her 2 kids out for a pack hike. They packed our water and we did the hike. 
It was a nice sunny start.

We first stopped by Helen McKenzie Lake for a swim and a break.

I tried to have all 3 looking at the camera with a smile.

It hadn't been quite successful.

Now where were the other 2?

That was kinda 3 in the pictures, all faces no butts.

The Fall colour is so beautiful.

We made it to the Canyon so was the cloud. 
Everyone was back on leash. The human were not prepared to jump after the dogs...haha!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Moka the therapy dog Part 2

It has finally arrived.
Moka's therapy dog certificate after she has been working since Dec.2014.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Roadster Summer 2015

We have 3 dogs competing this time. Hermione ran in Master and she started the weekend with a "Q" in Master Jumper.

Hermione got a "Q" in Master Standard the next day.


Both the young one, Roxy and Moka got "Q" in Starter Snooker.


On the last day, Hermione had a beautiful run in Master Snooker. That is her 4th "Q" and earned her the Master Snooker title.

Here is the run.

Roxy got her second "Q" in Starter Gambler and will be moving onto Advanced level.

Here is her run.

Moka had a "Q" in Starter Jumper. 

The weekend finished with Hermione's surely but a bit too slowly Master Jumper. Everyone was exhausted.

We were all very happy with the result from this weekend. We were going home for a rest.
See you next time.