Monday, 25 January 2016

Rose City Classic - Portland 2016

This was our first road trip this year. It was also Scarlet's first time in a hotel.
She managed to find the most comfortable spot and claimed it hers.

The hotel offered a shuttle to the show ground. Scarlet was patiently waiting to get on.

During the wait, she decided to sit by the lion.

And ate with the lion.

Beckham was resting while I checked my email.

Moka took select bitch on the first day and completed her AKC Grand Championship.

Moka took select bitch again at the Willamette Valley Samoyed Fancier Specialty.

Beckham took Winner Dog on Sunday and Vanessa had a big smile. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The most reliable GPS system

We had a good snow fall yesterday.
Despite a bit of overcast, it was a good day to go snowshowing. 

Since I planned to do some exploring and break some trails, I brought Hermione along with Scarlet. 

Hermione ran like a puppy in the snow.

Since the fresh snow covered the old track, there were times that we had to break our trails. At one point I was moving on as Hermione turned right, I ignored her and kept going. She stared at me, marked at the spot and followed me. Then I realized I was getting into steep terrain, I pulled up the GPS and tried to find my way. Sure enough it led me to where Hermione has marked. I followed her and she brought me back on the main trail.

I put my GPS in my pocket and let Hermione led us back to the parking. 
I brought the GPS along just in case we got lost.
I guess what I have to say now is, I brought Hermione along just in case I couldn't work the GPS. 
Maybe I don't even need the GPS as long as she is with me.

Footprints from my girls.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Good start for 2016

It is good because we have plenty of snow.
It is good because the girls have fun.
It is good because the girls have a good recall.
The girls are eager to get going.

Hey! Look at the camera please!

Come on, mom, let's go.

I saw something over there. Do you?

I found something here too.

Let's march on . Girls!

Christmas 2015

All our puppies had a picture with Santa. This is Scarlet's turn.

The Dormo's clan is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. 
Moby Moka Hermione Roxy Scarlet Moli Beckham