Saturday, 10 December 2016

Another day of adventure

After hearing about the adventure from Moka and Morgan, Scarlet wanted to go to the mountain.

Scarlet ran around for a while.

We promised off leash.

We worked on their sit/stay.
We practiced on calling for help when Maria was down.

Scarlet instructed Morgan on the correct technique of cardiac massage.

Morgan was very proud that she woke mom up.

More fun in the snow

Mom: The Abominable Snowman lives around here, let's see if we can find him.

 Moka: I see him!

Morgan: Really? I don't see anything!

Morgan: Ok, is that him?

Morgan: Quick, he is running away!

Moka: Oh no, lost him again!

Morgan: Look, he is over there!

Morgan: Look, we found the Abominable Snowman!
Morgan: But he is missing a nose!

Moka : And we founf his house too!

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Happy 14th birthday to Moby!

Moby is 14 today. Where did time go?

I am in the photo for a good reason.
Puppy Morgan needs more training with her sit/stay.

She checked out the party hat.

Finally she settled down for a picture. The rest of the family are well-behaved.....

even with the birthday cake in front of them.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Morgan's first snow

Winter arrived on time this year. I decided to take Morgan up the mountain to play in the snow.
I brought grandma Hermione along as she is my best helper. She will keep Morgan on track and she doesn't rough-house with her. I don't want puppy Morgan to get hurt.

I hiked up the ski hill. The workers were working at the base preparing for the opening next week.

The snow is fresh and the girls followed the track I broke.

" Come on Grandma. We are waiting for you!" Morgan barked.

We practised "recall".

Morgan is very good coming towards me when she is called. One day she will learn to stay closed like Hermione.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Tailblazer Fall trial 2016

Final result
Roxy 3 - 2 in advanced jumpers 1 in started standard
Moka- 1 in advanced jumper
Hermione - 1 in Master Snooker

This is Roxy in Advanced Jumpers

Roxy is faster not because of her longer legs, but tighter turns.

Moka in Advanced Jumpers

Frank has gone to Nanaimo with Morgan for a Sanction Match and wasn't available to video for us.

Monday, 17 October 2016

SCA 2016

Samoyed Club of America 2016 National Specialty was held in Albany, OR.
While I competed with the girls in agility, Frank set up the dog area around our motor home to give them more rooms to play.

Beckham and his daughter Morgan.

Great grandma Moli, Daddy Beckham, Puppy Morgan

Morgan, are you coming in?

The week of competition started with agility. 
Hermione got 1 open standard and 3 open jumper, i.e. her title in Open Jumper
She came first in Open jumper at the Samoyed only trial at the National.
Moka got a novice standard and a novice jumper and came 3rd in the novice jumper class.

The next competition is Futurity. 
The purpose of the Futurity Stakes is to encourage the breeding of the best possible Samoyed and to reward the breeders for their efforts.
Both sire and dam will require to be UTD on their health clearance before the breeding. The litter will be nominated before whelping and puppies nominated before 4 months of age. 
Frank handled Enzo to Grand Futurity - the winner.

Enzo - Firecloud's Fortune favors the Bold, bred by Tami Lynch/Cindy Hopkins. 
He is out of Beckham ( Ch. Dormo's Three out of Three) and Zoe ( Am GCh. Firecloud's Serenity in Space, CAA)

The next competition is Sweepstakes.
Moka took 4th in Working Sweeps.
The next day, Beckham took 4th in Bred-By-Exhibitor Dog class. 

He is very proud of himself.

This year's show site was next to a beautiful park with lots of trails for the dogs.
Little Morgan learned to Sit/Stay next to auntie Moka.

Taking a nap after the show.

Beckham posted in front of the logo.
Who is cuter?

The next day, Moli - our foundation bitch, took 3rd in the Veteran 10-12 years old bitch class.

Moli also got to meet her breeder, Erica Flahaut, who she hasn't seen since 2007.
Moli also got to meet her first love - Wizard, whose motor home parked right next to us. They haven't seen each other for over 7 years.

Hermione took 1st in the Working Bitch class on the same day.

We finished the week of competition with a 3rd place in Brace- performed by Hermione and Moka.
The girls were in unison. They moved like one,

They stacked like one.

They look alike. Of course, they are mother and daughter.
And Beckham got to post with his son Enzo.

This is our final count for all the goodies we won.