Sunday, 21 October 2018

Morgan - the sport car

Morgan the sport car, who ran so fast and she had no wish to slow down to avoid the "crash" 
Back to more training on better control of her speed, not to slow her down but for her to learn to adjust her stride to accommodate the turns.

We are enrolled in an agility seminar in a month. I can't wait to learn more skills to improve our handling.

Monday, 8 October 2018

How smart is a Samoyed

Moka received her Silver versatility award from SAC for being a good girl and worked with me in different sports.

She got many certificate of recognition for 2017/8. 
Those are titles that she collected within a 12 months period.

She got her AGI title this year which will contributed to her next level - Gold versaitility.

Even Scarlet got a certificate.

Of course, Moka's mom Hermione got a few too. 
Afterall, it is in the family.

Friday, 5 October 2018

SCA 2018 - the event

The week started with Morgan getting measured for agility.
Every dog needs to have two official measure to determine her jump height. 
She can only be officially measured after she turned 2.
After the second measurement, she will receive her jump height card.

Oh well! She sit/stay was good but her runs weren't. 
She was a bit distracted by the people and dogs walking around ringside.

MeMe was getting a bath before her show.

Morgan didn't behave so it was up to MeMe to perform.

MeMe, just liked her mom Moka, was always good, eager to please and never disappointed us

She went reserve intersex winner in Futurity in the 12-15 month class.

This was her official win photo. 
It wasn't her best photo. was a win in the National afterall.

We got to take a group photo with family and friends.
Morgan, Meme, MiuMiu ( MeMe's half aunt), Enzo and Kaylee ( Morgan's half siblings) and Zesty.

SCA 2018 - Sight seeing

This year's Samoyed Club of America National is held in Purina Farm, Gray Summit, St Louis.

We arrived early to check out the ground and did some sight-seeing.

We visited the Arch at downtown St . Louis.

We checked out the Sculpture park.

We took many pictures and the dogs had a good walk in the park.

We stopped by a local oyster bar for lunch. 
St. Louis is very dog friendly.
Many eateries will allow well-behaved dogs in their patio.
There are water dishes placed around the outdoor shopping malls.

We had to pay the AKC Museum of the Dogs a visit.
It will be closed permanently on Sept 30 and moved to New York.
Apparently, only some of the collections will be moved.