Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Moby is 12


Happy Birthday Moby! And many more muffins to come.
From the left on the couch, Moli, Moka, Roxy.
On the floor, Moby, Hermione, Merlin.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Moka - the therapy dog

Moka passed her therapy dog evaluation at the age of 17 months. She will soon join her grandma Moli and great grand uncle Moby to visit nursing homes once we have received formal approval from the head office.

The evaluation was quite intense. Moka did not react to any noise or strange situation at all. Everyone was so impressed with how calm she is being a puppy.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Moka and Hermione in Brace

Hermione and Moka, mother and daughter in brace at Breed level
Hermione and Moka in Brace at Group Level  
 Hermione and Moka Best Brace in Show

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Moka passed her CGN testing

After taking Best of Breed, I took her in for CGN (Canine Good Neighbour) testing. She passed it with flying colour. The evaluator was very thorough. She examined her and even picked up her feet. She made her do the 3 minutes isolation with me in hiding, with rain coming and wind blowing. Moka was totally calm.
She is only 17 months old.

This is the link for the requirement for CGN.

Friday, 3 October 2014

SCA 2014 - Day 6 - Bitch class

This day was for the girls.
Moka was entered in the Bred-By-Exhibitor (BBE) class. The dog had to be handled by its breeder. It was a large class with 30+ bitches.

I couldn't remember how many times we were send around the ring.

There were getting fewer and fewer in the centre line up.
Moka just kept going and going.
She was moving better each time.
She never lost focus.

She took 4th.

SCA 2014 - Day 5 - Dog class

This was the day for the boys.
Beckham took First in the 12-18th month class and got to compete for the Winner Dog.
He looked so proud of himself.

This is Baby Beckham in his winning photo.
Grandpa Wizard was showing in the 10+ veteran class. He doesn't look his age.

SCA 2014 - Day 4 - Sweepstake and sight-seeing

Since we had finished early today in sweep and Vanessa had to leave for work, we did some sight seeing.
There was a sculpture park near town centre.
The doggies are good models.

They were  having a Samoyed conference.
Town Hall.

SCA 2014- Day 3 - Futurity and Rally Obedience

What a day!
Both Beckham and Moka was shown in Futurity. Hermione and Moka were also entered in Rally O.
While the youngsters were waiting to compete in Futurity, I have to leave and took Hermione to Rally O which was not onsite. Frank ended up showing Moka as well and I missed watching the youngsters.
As soon as they were done, Vanessa and Cindy drove Moka to the Obedience building where she switched from a show dog to an obedience dog.
Beckham took 4th in 15+ class .
Moka took 2nd in 15+ class in Futurity

I am so proud of Moka. Coming from the show ground, she worked with me and took 1st place in Rally Novice A. This girl is so smart. She is multi-task.
Hermione came 2nd.

Results for the day.
Beckham - 4th in 15+ class in Futurity
Moka - 2nd in 15+ class in Futurity and 1st in Rally Novice A
Hermione - 2nd in Rally Novice A.

SCA 2014 - Day 2 - Herding and Agility

Hermione came first in Open JWW and 2nd in Novice Standard. She brought home a few medals and trophies.

While mama Hermione was trialing in agility, baby Beckham decided to give herding a shot. He came home passing his first leg of Herding Capability test.

 Both Beckham and Moka passed the part 1 of HCT - herding capability test- first attempt.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

SCA 2014 - Day 1

Samoyed Club of America 2014 is held in Des Moines Iowa this year.
Despite the fact that our flight was rescheduled, we arrived at our destination in time for herding test.
Moka was first tested on leash for the safety of the sheep. She showed no fear to the large animal.

Once she was proven no danger to herself or the sheep, she was allowed off leash. The judge scored her by the way she interacted with the sheep.
She passed Part 1 of HCT - herding capability test.
The next step will be taking her for some herding lessons, preparing for the Part 2 of the test for her title.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Moka Group 2

Dormo's Ice Princess Mocha got her first group placement at Campbell River Dog Fancier show this past weekend. She is only 14 months old.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

More achievement

We got these in the mail when we came back from our trip to Montana.
It was a nice way to end our holiday.
Hermione is officially Ch Dormo's She Knows It All. AGI, AGIJ, RN.
She has both agility and obedience titles.

Moka is formally a Canadian Champion. We will continue to work on her US championship.

Montana Copper Circuit 2014

We had a good time.
Out of the 8 shows, Moka has 5 WB including a 4 point major, 3 BOW, 1 RWB to a major.
She collected a total of 9 points towards her AKC championship. These were her first AKC shows.

Merlin has 2 WD, 1 BOW, 1 RWD added 3 more points to his AKC championship.

Beckham has 2 WD and 2 RWD with 2 points in total.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tyee KC 2014

We had a very good weekend at Tyee Kennel Club dog show.
On Friday, the dogs started the weekend with a few qualified "legs" in the Rally Obedience trials.

Hermione, Aniu and Moka all qualified. 
Hermione got her Rally Novice title.
She is now Ch Dormo's She Knows It All, AGI, AGIJ, AADC, AGDC, RN.
Moka got 2 qualified "leg"s before she turned 1 year old.

Moka finished her championship on Saturday, which is also her birthday.
Moka is now Ch. Dormo's Ice Princess Mocha.

We are honoured to have a birthday pictures with the 2 youngest champions.
Beckham's mom brought over a birthday cake for the dogs.

On Sunday, in her first show as a special, Moka took BOS while Beckham claimed BOB, both earned 2 grand champion points.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Hermione's new title

Hermione got her new agility title - AADC ( Advanced agility dog of Canada)  this weekend at our local trial.
We will now be competing in the Master level.
MADC ( Master agility dog), here we come.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ch Beckham

Beckham is our youngest champion.
He finished his championship at 9 1/2 months of age.
He is now known as Ch Dormo's Three out of Three.

He is so handsome.
In this picture, he looks just like his dad Peet.

Monday, 24 February 2014

2012 CKC agility standing


The CKC agility standing is finally out, in 2014. Hermione is 4th in the working group.

She took 6 months off in 2013 having puppies.

We will be back in full action in 2014.