Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Mount Seymour

Moka visited brother Beckham in Vancouver last weekend. Beckham took her up Mount Seymour for a hike. She was initially not impressed with carrying the backpack with my water. Once she had seen the beautiful scenery, she had forgotten all about it.

They took a swim in the lake when it got too hot.
They took a little nap after lunch before heading back.
It was a total 8 km hike with 450 m elevation, which took us less than 4 hours including breaks.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Enumclaw 2015

Moka is a very good girl. 
She is a good representative for the breed.
She has beauty and she has brain.
She is more than a pretty face.

Moka took select bitch at Mount Rainier Working Dog Club Show in the morning.
She spend lunch hour in Rally Obedience trial, got her third leg, i.e. her Rally Obedience Novice title.

After Rally Obedience trial, she ran back to the ring and took Best in Working Sweepstakes at the Samoyed Club of Washington state show, winning $20, a toy and a jar of cookies. 
She is earning money and bringing food home.

She went onto the regular Samoyed Club of Washington State specialty and got another select bitch, in pouring rain.
She is a true working dog. Weather cannot defeat her.

Beckham thought he can't be outshone by his sister, so he took first in his class in the Samoyed Club of Washington State Specialty, won a nice wooden dog leash holder. Donated by Cindy and Curtis Hill. Thank you.

Mama Hermione went to agility trial on Saturday, came first in her class, got her third leg and her agility novice title.

GVOTC- agility trial 2015

These were the result from the only CKC agility trial that we can make this year.
Roxy rocks. She got the most runs.

Merlin managed to get one clean one without knocking any bars.
We crowned him the "King of the Knocked Bars"

Hermione got one run. She was running fast, just needed to work harder on doing the weave flawlessly. However, she is running in the Excellent level and is the hardest of it all.